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Massacres only happened to blacks – according to some.

A woman named Professor Lyndall Ryan has created a map showing massacres of Aborigines, at the hands of the whites, in Australia. It is called “Colonial Frontier Massacres in Central and Eastern Australia, 1788-1930”. Ms Ryan and her team of helpers were given government funding to the tune of about one million dollars to compile her biased compilation. The link is here – https://c21ch.newcastle.edu.au/colonialmassacres

Now strangely, there are very few white victims on her map. Of the 250 so called massacres, only 10 involved whites.  Her idea of a massacre is a bit unusual too. If 6 people were killed in the same area over the course of a year, she calls it a massacre. That equates to one victim every 2 months for a year.  Go figure.

I couldn’t find any listings anywhere on the internet of people who have been killed by the natives. Although there is no end of readily available information on the blacks that died. How odd.  Another curious phenomenon is that most academics and people of Aboriginal descent deny that Australian Aborigines were involved in cannibalism. Clearly this is not the case. The kidney fat especially, was highly prized, and often taken from the murder victims. In fact, it was even taken before the victim died, leaving the poor unfortunate to suffer a slow agonising death.

To try to balance the records, I have set about listing the details of everybody I can find who was murdered by the blacks.  I have also included the wounded, many of whom were very seriously wounded. Some died soon afterwards, but the deaths passed by unnoticed. Others died of their wounds weeks, months, or even years afterwards. Many of these people were never the same again, due to head injuries, damaged lungs, spinal injuries, and amputated limbs. Some went mad, some never spoke or functioned properly, and some never walked again. I haven’t included the many Australian natives and half-castes who were working with the whites and who were also murdered, and there were plenty of them, as that is not the intention of this data, but some do get a mention in passing.

I should also say here, that there would have been even more white deaths had many of the natives, especially the women, not warned the whites of impending trouble. There are countless examples of that happening, and quite often the women were speared and killed because they spoke out. There were also quite a few examples of some men wanting to attack the whites, and some of their fellow tribesmen trying to stop them. Possibly this was because they didn’t want the repercussions of killing the whites, but I also think it indicates that not everybody agreed with the killings. I also found cases where some natives were attacking the whites, whilst others, possibly from different tribes, were trying to rescue them.  There are good and bad people everywhere, and most of the trouble spots were led by savage and aggressive people. This happened for the killings of both groups of people.

This list is a job in progress. I am constantly adding to it, as I find more victims. The “Details” are a reference as to how the victims died, and also for my own use, as it helps to avoid doubling up and adding people in twice.  More often than not, lowly shepherds and station workers were not named when they were killed. Most used nick-names, or just their first names, and their real identities were often a mystery. They were often buried where they fell, and their death may, or may not, have been recorded. If the death was reported, the employers’ name was usually mentioned, whereas the victims normally remained anonymous.  Therefore, I have added the employer’s details when available, to help identify the victims, and to try to eliminate adding the same victim in twice. My information has all been found on trove.nla, so all should be verifiable through searching that site, or following the link provided. That link won’t necessarily give the whole story on each victim, but it will prove their death.  I usually only add one source, although there are often multiple articles on the one event. If the source column is not visible, you should be able to see it by scrolling to the right.  The offences are arranged by date.

The deaths are grouped according to the state or territory in which they were committed. Or where I think they were committed.  I make no guarantees that the locations mentioned are actually in the state that I have quoted though. Some were right near the border, and some have names that no longer exist. My knowledge of places is limited, so if you see errors – and I have no doubt there will be many – please let me know. The same applies to any other details that you may know are incorrect, or to victims that have not yet been mentioned.

Clearly, Aborigines were not the only victims in the conflict. A common saying is that many black deaths went unrecorded, and of course they did, but a squatter at the time also wrote that for every white death recorded, another 50 white deaths went unrecorded.


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